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Commercial Flooring: Trends to Look For

Commercial Flooring: Trends to Look For

The way your building looks affects the way customers think and feel about your business. Is your building in need of new flooring? Update your business’ look, and stay true to your brand with these stand out commercial flooring trends.

Luxury Vinyl Tile
Luxury vinyl tile is well known by business owners for its durability, affordability and ease of maintenance. While vinyl floors have been a popular commercial choice for many years, what’s new today is the high end design. Today’s vinyl flooring has been reinvented with the ability to duplicate the look of real wood, stone and even granite, so business owners achieve the look and feel of luxury, without the price.



Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed wood is a low budget, unique flooring choice for business owners today. Consumers today are seeking a deeper, more meaningful experience when they shop, and enjoy store aesthetics with a history and story. A Nike Running Store in New York City recently installed reclaimed wood flooring from local colleges and high schools to create a unique space that speaks to the running and athletic community.

Reclaimed Wood

Carpet Tiles
Commercial carpeting will never go out of style—there are certain commercial settings where carpeting will always be a more realistic choice, including hotel rooms, offices or other businesses where sound absorption and comfort is a priority. For easy installation and maintenance purposes, business owners are gravitating towards carpet tiles, rather than laying carpet rolls throughout an entire space. And because they are tiles, business owners can play around with color blocking methods for a variety of design variations.

Carpet Tiles

Whether you’re on the search for tile, wood or carpeting for your business, Carpetland USA is your go-to commercial flooring provider! From start to finish, our dedicated flooring staff will work with you to ensure you have considered all flooring options, and are happy with your new floor. Contact us today to learn more.

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2 thoughts on “Commercial Flooring: Trends to Look For”

  • Thanks for the great article on the different types of flooring for commercial use. I really liked the idea of using carpet tiles and thought you made a great point that they do a much better job at absorbing sound and make better flooring for places that need to be kept quieter. I think carpet floor tiles may be an option for us.

  • Thanks for mentioning how vinyl flooring can duplicate the look of real wood, stone, and even granite. My brother owns a startup clothing line, and he’s looking to remodel the layout on his store before 2019 hits. I really think a nice, deep-colored vinyl flooring will really compliment the voice of his brand.

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