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How to Decorate Your Windows this Halloween

How to Decorate Your Windows this Halloween

Happy Halloween! Families have decorated front porches with fake cobwebs, beautiful pumpkin displays, and scarecrows. But what about window displays? You don’t have to work for Macy’s to create a fun window display for Halloween. Below are some ideas to get started.

Use up those pumpkins!
Have extra little pumpkins sitting around? Carve only the outside layer to make an orange silhouette. Paint the rest of the outside layer white for a ghostly appearance. If you’re not up for painting, hollow out mini pumpkins to create small votives on the window sills. The glowing light coming from your windows will create a cozy vibe.

Have fun with your kids
peter-panGrab some butcher paper, black paint, and a pencil. Have your children lay down in funny positions and trace them. Next, let your kids enjoy painting inside the lines. Finally, cut out the silhouette and post on your front door window! Your kids will have a blast creating décor with you.

Tissue paper ghosts
Tissue paper ghosts are a spooky touch to your Halloween home. Let your kids enjoy this one with you as well. All you need are tissue paper, scissors, a pencil, and tape. Trace the desired shape onto the tissue paper. Next, cut out the ghost and tape onto the window.

Enjoy having the best Halloween décor on the block! For more fall décor ideas, check out Carpetland USA’s Fall in Love with your Home board on Pinterest.

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