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Scary Truth about your Old Carpet

Scary Truth about your Old Carpet

Does your carpet smell? Is it stained or worn-down? Have any animals or children had an accident on the carpet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to replace your carpet! Carpetland USA can help you find the perfect carpet to make your home feel fresh again. Here are a few signs your carpet may need an upgrade or replacement.

Heavy Traffic. Realistically, your carpet should be replaced every five to 15 years. Foot traffic and quality play a large role in replacing your carpet. If your living room is carpeted and you spend every night there, it’s going to receive heavy foot traffic, which requires replacement. Furniture can also reduce the usage of a carpet. Rearranging furniture periodically can reduce the compression on the carpet.

Worn Down, Well-Used. Lots of loose yard or ends are a good indicator of your carpet being worn down. Stains can also be detrimental to a carpet if left untreated. Having old carpet can even make you and your family sick! A lot of mold and bacteria can live in worn down, well-used carpet. Mold and bacteria can remain in the carpet if it is not cleaned or vacuumed regularly.

Ultraviolet Rays. If your carpet is near a window or patio doors it can be subjected to ultraviolet rays. These rays can deteriorate the carpet’s appearance, subjecting it to discoloration. It can also reduce its ability to withstand the regular wear and tear. If possible, try to use a window treatment to offer your carpet some protection from sunlight.

Carpetland USA offers a wide variety of carpet options that offer both style and function to your home. Our Grand Illusion collection supports toughness and versatility, making it a perfect carpet for any room. Let us help find a new carpet to furnish your home. To best meet your needs and allow you to make an informed decision we have put together a quick reference sheet to help in your decision.


Come to Carpetland USA for all of your carpeting needs, and don’t forget to checkout our Pinterest page for more carpet ideas!

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